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Building automation
Tomas Wahlström

tel: +46 (70) 8719741

Industri Automation
Therése Fagerström
tel: +46 (8) 728 14 48


SITRAIN - Digital Industry Academy

Image Expand your knowledge, apply what you have learned, build future skills – with SITRAIN

Expand your knowledge, apply what you have learned, build future skills – with SITRAIN

The future viability of your company develops with your employees –supported by a groundbreaking innovative learning offer. 
SITRAIN stands for a modern learning culture that focuses on the needs of learners and the demands of innovative companies. For more effective, more flexible, more relevant and more continuous learning.

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Course catalog Industry

Here you will find our schedule for trainings for automation and drive technology.

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Course catalog Building automation

See our range of trainings for fire, safety, building automation and control technology.

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Kundutbildningar inom byggnadstekniska lösningar

Different methods for maximum learning success

Face-to-face training or digital training, location-independent, 24/7, on-demand or learning at fixed dates and course times? With a personal learning consultant, in a team, or on your own responsibility? Everything is possible. With "Learning Journey", "Learning Membership" and "Learning Event", SITRAIN offers opportunities, in which the following methods are used differently according to the respective demand profile. 

Image The compact and guided way to acquire knowledge

The compact and guided way to acquire knowledge

  • You will reach a set learning goal in the shortest possible amount of time 
  • Your learning consultant will lead you through the practical exercises and remain exclusively available throughout the theoretical units 
  • Focus on your study in a protected learning environment outside of your regular workday: virtually, in the training center, or in your company 

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Image Secure knowledge with independent and continuous learning

Secure knowledge with independent and continuous learning

  • Get access to the comprehensive and constantly growing range of self-learning units on SITRAIN access, our digital learning platform 
  • Search and find specific content or just have a look around – anywhere and anytime 
  • Promote a modern learning culture through self-reliant, continuous learning and transparency for learning successes within your team and company 

    Learning Membership
    SITRAIN Learning Membership Bundle
Image The perfect combination for a sustainable learning success

The perfect combination for a sustainable learning success

  • You optimally absorb and retain the content through a mixture of self-learning units and live modules 
  • A learning membership for completing the self-learning modules and for accessing on-demand content is included 
  • The SITRAIN learning consultant is, of course, available during the live modules and can also be contacted for individual coaching sessions in answering questions and individual consultation 
  • The modular structure allows you to ideally integrate the units in your work routine and adapt them to your individual pace of learning 

    More information: Learning Journey
    Learning Journeys course overview

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For questions during the registration process please call our course office!

Industrial automation          

Therése Fagerström
phone: +46 (8) 728 14 48

Building automation

Tomas Wahlström
phone: +46 (70) 8719741


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