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Below you will find our course offerings. To be able to register for a training, you need to register in MyTraining. On your profile in MyTraining you can see what trainings you are registered on, start your web based training, download course documentation, fill out your course evaluation and download certificates from completed courses under your "History".

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In order to reduce the spread of infection during the course event, we have, among other things, taken the following measures:

  • The participants sit one and one at the training equipment with about 2 m distance to the next participant in the course room. Participants can choose to place themselves in companies.
  • If the training is not held in your hometown, we recommend that you think about how you transport yourself to the training (for example by driving your own car) and stay at a serious hotel (e.g Scandic with the option of separate breakfast packages instead of breakfast buffet, etc) and there are probably more hotels that is taking this into account as well.
  • Try to keep your distance during coffee and lunch breaks, etc.
  • If you should start to feel symptoms during an ongoing training, we assume that you follow the Public Health Agency's guidelines and go home. We can then rebook to a later event to complete your training.


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