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Operational Technology Training, Cybersecurity in factory environment (OT-CYBERSEC)

  • This is a cybersecurity training concerning the OT environment. Often the OT and IT teams are separated in the factory and this is a cybersecurity problem since minimizing the cyber risks require awareness and actions from both sides. This seminar is for everyone responsible of the OT cybersecurity. The recommendation is to get responsible from both IT and OT from your site to the same training.
Type Face-to-face training
Duration 1 day
Language en

Target Group

  • Personal responsible the factory cyber protection


    • OT, IIoT & IoT Basics + evolution
    • Directives concerning OT environments
  • (NIS2.0, CER, Design Best practices (IEC62443))
    • OT components
    • Ransomware attack
    • Interactive session
    • Threats & Vulnerabilities
    • Purdue model
    • OT Asset Inventory
    • Spying attack
    • Interactive session
    • Endpoint protection
    • Preparing for network segmentation
    • Network segmentation
  • (Defence in depth, Zero Trust)
    • OT environment monitoring
    • Secure Remote Access


  • Basic understanding about ethernet technology, automation technology and the basics of cybercecurity. The seminar is useful even you would miss some of these prequisities


  • The course teaching and material language is English. The material is provided for students in electrical form as pdf document.
  • Export control AL :N / ECCN:N


700 EUR