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Siemens Industrial Networks Education - Certification

Siemens Industrial Networks Education - Certification Program

In the context of the overall training program, Siemens offers courses in which you learn how to develop and improve wired and wireless data networks for industrial applications. Based on typical requirements in industry, you develop customer-oriented solutions. This Siemens certification puts you in the position to plan and realize plain industrial networks and connect them to a company network. We follow the international Industrial Ethernet standard as closely as possible and therefore guarantee open and flexible architectures.

Siemens Initial Training for Industrial Networks (Siemens ITIN)

This learning module (without certificate) covers general knowledge on Ethernet-based networks without industrial specifications. Universally valid techniques based on examples from industry are used to facilitate understanding of the contents. You obtain basic knowledge about industrial networks with this learning module. The web-based training (WBT) forms a knowledge base which allows you to take part in the certification courses from the Siemens Industrial Networks Education Program.

Image Siemens Certified Engineer for Industrial Networks (Siemens CEIN)

Siemens Certified Engineer for Industrial Networks (Siemens CEIN)

This certificate can be obtained in each of the three topics wired networks (switching and routing), wireless networks (IWLAN) and security. You will learn basic knowledge and skills allowing you to plan, realize and secure plain industrial networks. Once you pass the final exam, Siemens will provide a certificate on the knowledge gained in the specific field.