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Simatic WinCC Unified 2, Advanced Course (TIA-UWCC2)

  • SIMATIC WinCC Unified as a visualization system in the TIA Portal. The system impresses with its use of native web technologies, which you will become acquainted with in this course. You will also learn about its high degree of openness thanks to high-performance interfaces. Learn how to use WinCC Unified and the new PC Runtime software and get a personal impression of the capabilities of the new system.


  • The training is intended for participants who want to learn more about WinCC Unified in the SCADA environment. Building on the system course (TIA-UWCC1), the topics listed below are conveyed based on WinCC Unified PC Runtime.
  • Upon completion of the course, you will be able to use WinCC Unified PC Runtime with confidence and create your own HMI / SCADA projects with WinCC Unified Engineering:
  • • Perform HMI - device update
  • • Create and load project (PC)
  • • Connecting WinCC Unified Clients to the WinCC Unified Runtime and Certificate Handling
  • • DB - Set up archiving for large amounts of data
  • • Create parameter sets (recipes) and communicate for control
  • • Reporting and application of templates
  • • Efficient engineering and design with templates, applications, and options
  • • Decentralized system configurations (collaboration) and certificate handling
  • Advantages
  • • Training on the new HMI system, WinCC Unified, directly from the manufacturer.
  • • Can-do is better than know-how. Upon completion of the course, you will have mastered WinCC Unified by performing numerous practical exercises.
  • • Introduction to the new HTML5-based WinCC Unified. Get a personal impression of the performance.
Type Face-to-face training
Duration 2 days
Language sv

Target Group

  • You are tasked with creating and/or editing HMI projects for the WinCC Unified PC Runtime.
  • This course expands on the skills you learned in the System Course (TIA-UWCC1)” and will provide you with a great deal of new information so that you can work confidently with WinCC Unified and WinCC Unified PC Runtime.
  • • Programmers
  • • Commissioning engineers
  • • Configuring engineers
  • • Maintenance personnel
  • • Repair personnel
  • • Service personnel
  • • Operators


  • • HMI - Device update
  • • Creating and loading projects (PC)
  • • WinCC Unified clients
  • • DB - Logging for large volumes of data
  • • Parameter sets (recipes)
  • • Reporting
  • • Efficient engineering and design
  • • Collaboration



15,300 SEK