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  • This practical course is guiding attendants to work on SINAMICS infeeders, inverters, motors and brakes of the actual rating as found on modern cranes.
  • Due to a special configuration of the training system 2 motors of original rating can be operated at full speed, voltage and current. For 1 motor typical loading will be simulated using the second motor as load simulator. A full-sized Bubenzer disk brake is installed to practice tuning of the drive for proper brake setting and - release.
  • Handling of infeed and inverter faults is practiced to the extend of component level repair and system recovery.
  • The SINAMICS infeed and inverters are controlled from a SIMATIC S7-400 via PROFIBUS just as on the real crane control system.
  • The SIMOCRANE Crane Management System is available on the training system.
Type Face-to-face training
Duration 5 days
Language en

Target Group

  • Maintenance supervisors, maintenance technicians of container terminals, ports, steel mills.
  • Technical personnel from crane builders and service companies involved in crane control system service and maintenance.


  • This course contents is:
    • SIMATIC S7-400 and S7-300
      Setup communication to the SIMATIC S7 PLC and check the proper functioning of the PLC. Restore the original program to the PLC.
    • PROFIBUS communication
      Troubleshooting PROFIBUS communication, understanding how PROFIBUS is working and how it is implemented on a crane.
    • DRIVE-CliQ communication
      Check the DRIVE-CliQ connections, use the topology in SCOUT to do this. Understand the DRIVE-CliQ rules for cranes.
    • Ethetnet communication
      Troubleshooting Ethernet communication, understanding how Ethernet is working and how it is implemented on a crane.
    • SINAMICS control unit CU320-2
    • SINAMICS infeed AIM and ALM
    • SINAMICS motormodule, sensormodule, etc
      Function of the module's. How to troubleshoot the modules. What to do in case of replacing a module.
    • SIMOCRANE basic application
      Functionality of SIMOCRANE, how to troubleshoot. How to use the software tools, STARTER tool, SCOUT, SIMATIC manager.
    • SIMOCRANE - CMS (crane management system)
      How to use the system.
    • Ground fault detection in IT network with Bender sensing module
      How to use and test the Bender sensing module.
    • Simulation and monitoring realistic drive loading
    • Exercises and trouble shooting on the real size system
    • SINAMICS failure handling and repair
      Use multimeter to diagnose. Replace components. (F.I: PowerPacks, Controllers, Sensor Module)
    • Demo with SIMOSEC switchgear


  • prerequisites to this course is basic knowledge of SIMATIC S7 and cranes and drives.


2,570 EUR


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