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Siemens Training Nederland


Den Haag
Prinses Beatrixlaan 800
2595 BN Den Haag
Werner von Siemensstaat 1
2712 PN Zoetermeer

Tel: +31 (0) 70 333 3900

Image Siemens Training Netherlands

Siemens Training Netherlands

Mail to
or call +31 70 333 3900.

Siemens Training- Netherlands

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Industry: SITRAIN - face-to-face and remote/online training offer

Training courses taught by experienced, certified experts from Siemens

All of us want to learn from the best. And SIEMENS personal’s training courses let you benefit from our well-practiced trainers’ expert knowledge, along with direct access to our training equipment. That’s the best way to convey knowledge – whether at your company or in our training classrooms.

Finding the right stuff

Discover the full range of SITRAIN knowledge

Besides SITRAIN personal, we also offer two other knowledge services: SITRAIN open and SITRAIN access. They let you find the knowledge you need, whenever you need it.

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SITRAIN open bundles useful information, worthwhile data and up-to-date expert knowledge about Siemens products for industry. Search it anytime, find anything – and always the right stuff.

Get to know SITRAIN open
Image SITRAIN access

SITRAIN access

SITRAIN access is learning in the digital age. It offers you individualized ways to build your knowledge, and access to exclusive digital training courses. Take advantage of sustainable learning success with a wide range of learning methods. Improve your skills – whether working in groups with others, or by yourself. Whenever, wherever and however you need to.

Discover SITRAIN access

Are you booking for someone else?

If you are already registered in the Sitrain WebPortal, please contact us on number +31 70 333 3900 and we will configure your account in such a way that you can enroll your colleagues.

If you don't have an account yet, please fill out this form. We'll create your account for you and we'll send you an email describing the exact procedure. With the information in this email, you can register for MyTraining, log in and enroll your colleagues.

Training on request - custom training

If the planning, the contents or the location of our standard courses are not convenient for you, we can organize the same training at a date and location of your choice. This can be our training centre in Huizingen, Gent or Herentals, a training centre in your neighbourhood or even your own company. In this case, we can also adapt the course content and duration to your requirements.

For more information, please contact us on +31 70 333 3900 or send an email to

Learn – but only from the best

The time to know is now. But where can you get expert knowledge for your project or career? Where can you find training that also leads you to many other sources of knowledge?


Get to know SITRAIN – the Digital Industry Academy. Here you’ll always find the right knowledge for your needs, taught the right way. SITRAIN personal gives you expert knowledge direct from the maker.