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SITRAIN access – the digital learning platform


Welcome to learning in the digital age


SITRAIN access is the digital learning platform for industry.
It's such a "virtual fitness center" opened 24/7 that can be accessed by booking a membership.
It facilitates digital learning and professional education in all sectors.
It’s online, flexible, always available and customised. Contents are arranged by our experts, proposed in modular form, and can be accessed whenever you want, according to your time scheduling... even at late night!
SITRAIN access is more than just an online training platform: its always updated and enriched contents, together with the ability to monitor your progresses and perform practical exercises, fulfill all the requirements of the third millenium sustainable learning.


SITRAIN access at a glance

The digital learning services provided by SITRAIN access cover a range of topics relating to the Siemens product portfolio and help to ensure a great transparency: students know how far they have progressed, what knowledge they still need, and the best way to get it. Companies have an overview of the knowledge level reached by their employees and can propose or assign further suitable courses.
All learning contens are structured on a modular basis and can be accessed according to your own fitness program after your service subscription: several hours per week, or just a few minutes per day while you are on your way home. It's up to your choice.


The roll-out of SITRAIN access in Italy is still in preparation
, therefore we cannot provide you with this digital learning platform yet. But it will come soon! We're currently working to make it available for you.
Send us an email with the information for getting in touch to you and we'll be glad to notice you as soon SITRAIN access will be launched in Italy!
In the meantime you could take the opportunity to visit SITRAIN Germany related page for both knowing how SITRAIN access works and all the detailed info about this innovative learning platform: just click on the button below for being redirected to.

SITRAIN access

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