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Online-Training CEMAT MinAS Basic Training (ST-CEMATE)


  • CEMAT is a process control system based on SIMATIC PCS7, which is used in Cement and Mining plants. The CEMAT blocks and faceplates have been developed according to the requirements of the Cement and Mining industry and they are used in cement and mining plants all over the world.
  • The participants of this course get familiar with the most important control and supervision functions of CEMAT.
  • A function overview explains the operation and diagnostic functions. Based on application examples we teach the functions of the CEMAT Objects and the most important block interfaces.
  • With practical exercises the participant learns the engineering rules for the connection of CEMAT blocks and for the parameterisation of the HMI interface. It will also be explained how to create a PCS7 project for CEMAT.
Typ Online-Training
Dauer 5 Tage
Sprache en


  • Commissioning engineers, configuring engineers
  • Service personnel
  • Maintenance personnel


  • Function Overview CEMAT
  • Module Structure, Control Philosophy, Diagnostic functions, Control Modes
  • Library Minerals_Cemat
    • Open loop control and closed loop control functions in CEMAT,
    • Connecting the CEMAT Blocks in CFC,
    • Generation of Process Pictures using CEMAT Symbols and Faceplates
  • Configuration settings for CEMAT


  • SIMATIC PCS7 project engineering knowledge according to the course ST-PCS7SYS


  • CEMAT Version and Project Standard
  • Dependent on the customers requirement the Cemat course exists in different characteristics:
    • Project Standard 001: Minerals Automation Standard (for Cement and Mining Industry)
    • Project Standard 000: Normal Standard (for Cement plants with existing Cemat installations which shall be extended, except Holcim and Lafarge Plants)
    • Project Standard 004: Holcim Standard (for Holcim Plants)
    • Project Standard 027: Lafarge Standard (for Lafarge Plants)
  • If no different requirement exists the CEMAT Course will be carried out with Project Standard 001 "Minerals Automation Standard" and in English language.



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