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CALOMAT 6 intensive Thermo conductivity of gases (SC-G-CAL)


  • Commissioning and operation of CALOMAT 6, Diagnostics, calculation and display of results and correction via measurements of other gas analyzers.
Typ Präsenztraining
Dauer 1 Tag
Sprache en


  • Service personnel
  • Commissioning engineers, configuring engineers
  • Operators, users


  • Physical principle of thermo conductivity
  • Thermo conductivities of gases, thermistor
  • Structure and function of analyzers controlled by microprocessors
  • Pneumatic structure of the analyzer
  • Pneumatic structure of sample preparation system
  • Start up and use of the CALOMAT 6
  • Preventive maintenance
  • The software and its parameters
  • x-interference and types of correction
  • Turbo Generator application
  • Failure diagnosis and remedy
  • Practical exercises in the laboratory


  • Basic knowledge of gas analysis, Attendance of training SC-G-MGLPA, General knowledge of electrical engineering.


  • none