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Field Service CALOMAT OXYMAT ULTRAMAT FIDAMAT Operation and maintenance (SC-S-CGA1)

  • Field Service Calomat, Oxymat, Ultramat, Operation and Maintenance SC-S-CGA1


  • Start up, maintenance, operation, repair, failure diagnostics
  • Maintenance software Siprom GA and parameter settings
  • Practical exercises in the laboratory
Typ Präsenztraining
Dauer 5 Tage
Sprache en


  • Service personnel, operators, users, commissioning engineers, configuring engineers, project managers, project team members, Siemens after sales service force for PD PA AP, as well as external service channels for PD PA AP products, Solution Partner


  • ULTRAMAT 23 (day 1 and 2)
    • IR absorption NDIR, Micro Flow Sensor, IR active gases
    • Single beam IR cells, sensitivity
    • Optical cell, disassemble and clean
    • Oxygen, electrochemical cell
    • IR absorption NDIR principle, Micro Flow Sensor
    • IR active gases, double beam IR cells
    • Phase adjustment, optical alignment
    • Optical cell, disassemble and clean
    • Networking with Calomat 6
  • OXYMAT 6 / 61
    • Para magnetism and oxygen measurement
    • Micro Flow Sensor, reference gases, measuring ranges
    • Maintenance of the measuring cell
  • OXYMAT 64
    • Sample pressure and flow, sensors, x-interference, temperature regulation
    • Supply gases, warm up, diagnosis
    • Nozzle, capillaries, thermo conductivities of gases, thermistor
    • Exchange detector
    • Networking with Ultramat 6 for x-interference and types of correction
    • Turbo Generator application and types of correction, turbo generator application


  • Basic knowledge in process analytics
  • General knowledge of electrical engineering


  • none