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VASS 6 OEM Workshop for Beginners (CT-VAS6OEE)


  • Participants will gain proficiency in the VASS standard with emphasis on the following:
    • Installation and configuration of PROFINET and PROFIsafe components
    • Gaining familiarity with the PLC program structure for plant control
    • Operating the visualization and becoming familiar with the alarm system
Typ Präsenztraining
Dauer 5 Tage
Sprache en


  • The workshop is aimed at OEMs and suppliers without VASS-knowledge:
    • Commissioning engineers
    • Configuration engineers
    • Programmers


  • Preparation of the programming device
  • HW requirements and SW used
  • Basic Windows settings
  • Folder structures
  • TIA Portal project procedure
  • Settings in the TIA Portal
  • Device catalog and GSD files
  • Project creation
  • Data provision
  • General approach and configuration steps
  • PROFINET project creation
  • HW configuration
  • Basics of block organization
  • Symbols
  • Basics of program structure
  • ProDiag alarm system
  • Programming a sequential program
  • Robots
  • Function definitions
  • Safety program
  • Large-scale display
  • HMI
  • Conveyor technology with multiple operating stations
  • Central plant supervision


  • The following requirement is essential for participation in the VASS V6 Workshop:
    • SIMATIC TIA Portal S7-1500 – Proficiency in the use and programming of the S7-1500 CPU as well as programming in the Safety Integrated environment. The required knowledge corresponds to the contents of the TIA-PRO1 and TIA-PRO2 or the TIA-SYSUP and TIA-SAFETY courses.


  • PC:
  • Please bring your own notebook to the workshop. The installation of disk drives C and D is required.
  • Please install the following programs (version) before the workshop
    • SIMATIC STEP 7 Professional (Version 16 Update 2)
    • SIMATIC STEP 7 Safety Advanced (Version 16)
    • SIMATIC WinCC Advanced (Version 16 Update 2)
    • SIMATIC Visualization Architect (Version 16 Update 2)
    • TIA Portal Openness (Version 16 Update 2)
    • SIMATIC WinCC Runtime Advanced, 8192 Power Tags (Version 16 Update 2)
    • SINAMICS Startdrive (Version 16 Update 2)
    • PLCSIM (Version 16 Update 2)