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PROFINET and H-Systems in the Process Automation (ST-PCS7PNH)

  • Learn from Siemens how you can implement process automation at the field level with the future-oriented PROFINET as open Industrial Ethernet standard.


  • Using new SIMATIC PCS 7 components, you will learn how to quickly and effectively plan the fieldbus with PROFINET, assign parameters to it, commission it and eliminate faults.
  • Discover how you can make existing I/O future-proof using the PROFINET blueprints.
  • In addition, learn about handling, configuration, commissioning, diagnostics and troubleshooting of the high availability SIMATIC S7-400H system in the process automation environment with SIMATIC PCS 7.
  • You will reinforce the theoretical knowledge gained with many practical exercises.
  • This blended learning course combines Web-based training on the Internet with a five-day attendance course. To follow up on the attendance course, you will receive the "Industrial Ethernet" WBT.
  • The use of these learning media will improve your personal learning success in the attendance course.
Typ Präsenztraining
Dauer 5 Tage
Sprache en


  • Decision makers, sales personnel
  • Project managers, project workers
  • Programmers, configuration engineers


  • Fundamentals of Industrial Ethernet, PROFIBUS and PROFINET
  • Redundant PROFIBUS
  • Introduction to PROFINET
  • Design and planning of fieldbus systems based on PROFINET IO blueprints
  • PROFINET IO with configuration and topology
  • Diagnostic options and use of PRONETA
  • Commissioning ring redundancy with MRP
  • Configuration of SCALANCE switches for the PROFINET fieldbus
  • Plant-wide engineering & diagnostics using the Service Bridge Switch
  • Configuration and integration of the ET 200SP HA with DI/DQ module
  • Configuration of high-precision time stamping with the ET 200SP HA
  • Use of new PROFINET functions: System redundancy R1, CiR for Profinet
  • Redundancy theory: Explanation of terms, calculation of availability and common cause errors
  • CPU410-5H / S7400H: Synchronization, operating modes, operating systems
  • Hardware settings: H-parameters, self-test, DBs, H-CiR


  • Attendance of course ST-PCS7SYS is recommended
  • Basic knowledge of process control engineering
  • Practical experience in SIMATIC PCS 7 configuration
  • Basic knowledge of APL, as communicated in the system course


  • Only the "high availability" aspect of S7-400H systems is covered in this course. The configuration/programming of fail-safe SIMATIC S7-400H systems with the "F-systems" software package is a component of the course ST-PCS7SAF.