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Den Haag
Prinses Beatrixlaan 800
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Werner von Siemensstaat 1
2712 PN Zoetermeer

Tel: +31 (0) 70 333 3900

Siemens WinCC Scada System Cursus V8.x (ST-BWINCCSV8)

  • A foundation course to provide participants with a sound undertaking of the concepts of WINCC V7.x and the utilisation of its facilities and features.


  • On completion of the course the participant will be able to understand:-
  • The software structure of the system
  • The interaction with the PLC
  • The hardware specifications of the system
  • The engineering phases of WinCC
  • The possibilities for presentation, archiving and operating, process information alarms, measured values, reports and they should be able to:-
  • Make and test the process pictures
  • Configure the archiving and presentation of alarms, measured value and trends
Type Face-to-face training
Duration 5 days
Language nl

Target Group

  • Engineers, programmers, system builders, maintenance and service personnel.


  • System overview
  • WinCC project management with PLC integration
  • Tag Editor - creation of single and structured tags
  • Graphics Designer - configuration of static and dynamic pictures
  • Reusability of graphics - customised objects, tag prefix and faceplates
  • Script Editor - example of C and VB scripting functionality
  • Alarm Editor - presentation and archiving of alarms
  • Archive Editor - presentation and archiving of measured values
  • Report Editor - pre-defined and user generated printer reports
  • Introduction of background processing


  • The ability to use a MS Windows PC, keyboard and mouse to include opening and closing programs, locating files, copy and paste objects /data (text, etc). Drag and drop files, objects/data (text, etc). Use of menus and multi-menus, manipulation of windows within a multi-window environment. Use of MS Windows Help.


  • Deze training is gebaseerd op SIMATIC WinCC V8.x (SCADA systeem).
  • In de cursus wordt gewerkt met een WinCC single workstation dat communiceert met een S7-1500 PLC.


2,600 EUR