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SIMOCRANE Remote Control Operation System RCOS Engineering (CR-RCOS_E)

  • Siemens Remote Control Operation System (SIMOCRANE RCOS) delivers a complete end-to-end crane control solution from operator login, assignment of tasks, carrying out operations, to operator logout. SIMOCRANE RCOS enables an operator to control any crane from a comfortable remote office environment. With SIMOCRANE RCOS, remote controlled cranes can achieve Productivity levels comparable to conventional cabin-controlled cranes or more. A complete solution to increase safety, usability and productivity.


  • The goal of this training is to get engineers familiar with the SIMOCRANE RCOS solution of Siemens Cranes. In 4 days participants are trained in engineering and commissioning an RCOS project.
  • RCOS makes use of standard Siemens and 3rd party platforms/devices including WinCC OA, S7-1500F and ONVIF camera’s. For WinCC OA and TIA Portal, Siemens Cranes has developed standard functions and functions/templates which need to be customized/configured per project. During the training, the WinCC OA & PLC program will be explained and the participants will learn to customize both parts.
Type Face-to-face training
Duration 4 days
Language en

Target Group

  • • Cranes Programmers Cranes
  • • Cranes Commissioning engineers
  • • Cranes Configuring engineers


  • This course contents is:
  • • Introduction to RCOS
  • • RCOS functions within WinCC OA
  • • RCOS configurators
  • • Project-specific customization in WinCC OA
  • • RCOS functions within SIMATIC S7
  • • Project-specific customization in SIMATIC S7
  • • Interfacing between RCOS WinCC OA – RCOS SIMATIC S7 – Crane Automation software
  • • S7 and WinCC OA Commissioning
  • • RCOS troubleshooting
  • • Licensing
  • • The training is complemented with RCOS specific exercises


  • Mandatory: WinCC OA Basic training: For example:
  • Mandatory: Advanced knowhow in TIA Portal (preferably V17, current version)
  • Mandatory: Advanced knowhow TIA Safety
  • Recommended: Basic understanding Industrial and IT-Network (troubleshooting knowhow, e.g. with Wireshark, is beneficial


2,500 EUR


Participant feedback

We ask the participants in our training to evaluate it on a set of criteria. Their average feedback on the “overall satisfaction” we publish for your information.

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