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SENTRON 3WL Air Circuit Breaker Service and Maintenance (LV-CBSERV)

  • De deelnemers leren de opbouw, functies en de bediening van de SENTRON 3WL open vermogensautomaat.


  • The participants do learn about the construction, functions and operation of the SENTRON 3WL Air Circuit Breaker (ACB). The main focus of the course is to exchange practical product knowledge. The aim is to enable service- and maintenance technicians and installation managers to operate, inspect and maintain the SENTRON 3WL Air Circuit Breaker (ACB). They will become familiar with the exchange and conversion of accessories and parts
Type Face-to-face training
Duration 3 days
Language nl

Target Group

  • - Technicians
    - Service and maintenance specialists
    - Panelbuilders.


  • The topics in this course are:
    - Introduction, overview and basic principles of low-voltage switchgear.
    - Construction, functionalities and operation of the SENTRON 3WL Air Circuit Breaker (ACB).

    The Course also pay attention at the practical part in which the participants build in and out the various components such as:
    - Exchanging and reading the ETU (electronic security).
    - Inspecting and exchanging the main contacts.
    - Conversion of accessories such as closing coin and spring drive motor.

    Further topics in this course are:
    - How electronic security works: how to determine selectivity
    - Test options of the SENTRON 3WL Air Circuit Breaker (ACB).
    - Communication options
    - Available support from Siemens


  • Technical education


  • Practical training in small groups of up to 5 people. Deviation possible in consultation.


1,750 EUR