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  1. Automation
  3. AS-PCS7A_OSE - Description



    • As SIMATIC PCS 7 Engineer you will learn in this course the
  • potential of the SIMATIC PCS 7-process control software with focus on OS
  • configuration and design of graphic objects. You will put your newly acquired
  • knowledge of the theory to use in practical exercises on the training which you
  • will work on as if your were in a real plant. This will increase your learning
  • success. On completion of the course, you will be able to achieve optimal design
  • of the window to the process. After the course, you will be able to configure
  • process automation optimally and efficiently.
Type Face-to-face training
Duration 5 days Full time
Language en

Target Group

    • Project manager, project staff, Technologists
    • Configuring engineers, programmer
    • Commissioning engineers
    • Service personnel, maintenance personnel


  • Basics of OS configuration :
    • The procedure for configuring a PC station
    • The importance of the plant hierarchy in the context of the PCS 7 OS
    • The results of the Compile OS function
    • The properties of the PCS 7 OS

  • Server Client Configuration :
    • Configure a client-server structure
    • Download a server and client
    • Generate and assign server data
    • Configure the standard server for clients
    • Configure the referenced client

  • Server Redundancy Configuration :
    • Configure a redundancy partner
    • Configure the scope of the redundancy synchronization
    • Configure the preferred server of the client

  • Extended configuring of Multi-User Projects :
    • Configure lifebeat monitoring for the AS, server, and client
    • Synchronize the time of a PCS 7 plant
    • Set up the user administration based on Simatic Logon
    • Configuring the standard button sets
    • Extend the process tag browser
    • Automatically launch PCS 7 OS projects

  • The Web Option :
    • The architecture of the Web option
    • Set up the Web server
    • Configure the Web client

  • The Graphic configuration with selected graphic objects :
    • Configure the extended status display
    • Configure the extended analog value display
    • Modify block icons
    • Expand faceplates

  • Updating Picture Objects :
    • The updating of the template pictures with the Block Icon Migrator
    • The configuration of the function Update block icons
    • The functions and the configuration of the Graphic Object Update Wizard
    • APG for a user-oriented process visualization
    • Trends in Digitalization offerings for Process Industries

  • Hands on :
    • Exercises defined based on Topic explained.
    • Hands on practice.


    • Completion of the PCS7 Basics course is recommended
    • Basic knowledge of process control engineering
    • Practical experience in configuring SIMATIC PCS 7


  • Software Version: PCS7 V9.0


65,000 INR
18% GST additional on Course fees