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IEC 61511 - Practical use (ST-WSPUP)


  • Basic knowledge about the "Safety life cycle according to IEC 61511"
  • Expert knowledge regarding planning of safety-related systems
  • Jointly produced solutions to common tasks
  • Verified solutions
  • Provided solutions as samples for everyday work
Type Face-to-face training
Duration 2 days
Language en

Target Group

  • Planners of safety-related systems in the process industry (hardware & software)


  • This workshop is focussed on the practical use of the IEC61511, whereas the workshop “IEC 61511 Functional safety for the Process Industry” is more theoretically covering the subject.
  • Using the example of typical application such as distillation column, Grignard reactor or steam drum the safety lifecycle with it steps:
    • Basics from IEC 61511, functional safety management
    • Hazard and risk analysis
    • Allocation of safety functions to protection layers (SIL) incl. practical exercise (group works)
    • Specification of safety requirements
    • Design and engineering of a SIS
    • Implementation of hardware examples - practical exercise (group works)
    • SIL Verification of examples implemented
    • Verification, validation and functional assessment
  • will be elaborated and the results provided as key examples for the daily work.


  • Good knowledge of process measuring and control technology
  • Basic knowledge “IEC 61511 Functional safety for the process industry”
  • Experience in the process industry
  • Knowledge as provided in the Workshop "IEC 61511 Functional safety for the process industry"


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