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  3. LV-3WAMAIN - Description

Maintenance and operation of 3WA circuit breakers (LV-3WAMAIN)

  • There are 3 course modules offered. (LV-3WLMAIN, LV-3WAMAIN and LV-COPR), which can also be booked individually. Recommended combinations are shown in the learning paths. For certification (LV-CERT), all three course modules must be completed.


  • Participants will learn the structure, news, functionality and operation of the 3WA open circuit breaker. The focus of the course is to provide practical product knowledge to enable maintenance and operations support personnel in particular to inspect and service 3WA circuit breakers, find simple faults and replace spare parts listed in the catalog. In particular, the similarities and differences to the 3WL circuit breaker are discussed.
Type Face-to-face training
Duration 1 day
Language en

Target Group

  • Operation
  • Maintenance personnel
  • All interested persons who already know the 3WL


  • Portfolio, structure, function and operation of 3WA circuit-breakers
  • Extensive practical part with inspection and maintenance procedure, installation and removal of the available accessories according to the catalog with notes on the differences to the 3WL (motor drive, voltage release, upgrade ETU300 to ETU600, exchange BSS, VTM retrofit, COM190 installation, order list for retrofit), diagnosis
  • Inspection and maintenance instructions
  • Basics and operating philosophy of the ETU600
  • Presentation of the communication modules
  • Test options for 3WA circuit breakers (testing on the ETU600 and documentation with Powerconfig)
  • Available support from Siemens (documents, Internet presence)


  • Basic principles of electrical engineering and power distribution.
  • Knowledge of technical options and specifications of circuit breakers.


  • Practical exercises on training systems (3WL circuit breakers and demo case).

  • Bring your own work shoes!