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Learning Journey - SIMATIC PCS neo - Advanced Engineering Training (NEO-ADV-LJ)

  • SIMATIC PCS neo is a fully web-based process control system with object-oriented data management. In this Learning Journey you will get familiar with the system concept and the general system structure of SIMATIC PCS neo. The training offer aims at experienced users of SIMATIC PCS 7 who already have basic knowledge of the APL or the Control Module Type Concept.

    Self-learning modules allow you to learn self-reliant the content that is important for your work with sustainable learning success and at your own pace. Based on numerous practical tasks in our virtual exercise environment, you will prepare yourself ideally for practice during the learning journey.


  • After this Learning Journey …
    • You will be familiar with the system concept and the general system structure of SIMATIC PCS neo.
    • You will be able to configure the automation hardware including the distributed I/O with digital and analog signals in SIMATIC PCS neo.
    • You will be familiar with the functionality for processing digital and analog signals in PCS neo.
    • You will be able to configure a simulated plant step-by-step, commission it and put it virtually into operation.
    • You will know how to handle the PCS neo engineering including SIMIT and the virtual controller on the basis of examples and practical exercises.
  • The content of this Learning Journey is designed to familiarize you with flexible workflow options. After completing the Learning Journey, you will be able to create, operate and test a small SIMATIC PCS neo project technically correct and fully functional.
Typ Learning Journey
Dauer 27 Stunden (2 weeks)
Sprache en


  • Project managers, project team members,
  • Technologists,
  • Configuration engineers, programmers,
  • Commissioning engineers


  • The Learning Journey NEO-ADV (Level: Advanced ) consists of:
    • 2 Live module (3 hours)
    • 17 Self-learning modules (about 9 hours)
    • The self-learning modules contain task descriptions for self-doing exercises on virtual exercise environment (about 15 hours)
  • A learning membership on SITRAIN access for working on the self-learning modules is included for 1 year.
  • Topics
    • Project Management
    • Device Engineering
    • Download & Online tools
    • Equipment Engineering
    • Signals
    • Spreadsheet Engineering
    • Excel Add-in
    • Integrated Simulation
    • Template Management
    • HMI Engineering
    • SFC Engineering
    • Late Binding and Virtual Commissionning
    • Multiuser Engineering
    • User Management Component
    • Project Cockpit
    • Controller Communication
    • Plant Operation


  • Knowledge of SIMATIC PCS 7 as presented in the current version of the SIMATIC PCS 7 system course.
  • The following tools are used for the Learning Journey, for which you will receive the necessary instructions from us shortly before the Learning Journey starts:
    • Learning Membership - SITRAIN access
    • Access to our virtual exercise environment
    • PC with mouse, keyboard, speakers, and microphone
    • 2 monitors or 1 monitor / one tablet are recommended
    • Internet connection with Data transfer rate of 16 Mbit/s and up to 50 GB data volume
    • Web browser with HTML5 support (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge)


  • Participation in the Learning Journey is personal and non-transferable.



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