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SINAMICS G120 - Parameterizing and Commissioning (DR-G12-PM)

  • In this course you learn to commission the inverter and adapt the parameters. You can make a data backup, and taking the appropriate measures when faults occur.


  • SINAMICS G120 allow the variable-speed operation of induction motors to drive pumps, fans, conveyor systems and many other machines.
  • This course shows you how to handle the SINAMICS G120 inverter using Software Startdrive within the TIA Portal
  • After the course you are able to be correctly commission the inverter and adapt it to address the particular application. You know suitable inverter functions and parameter settings for a wide range of applications. You can make a data backup, and taking the appropriate measures when faults occur.
Typ Präsenztraining
Dauer 2 Tage
Sprache en


  • Commissioning engineers
  • Service personnel


  • Design and principle of operation of the SINAMICS G120 inverter with:
    • Control Unit CU, Power Module PM
    • Variants G120C, G120D, G120X and G115D
  • Parameterization, data backup and diagnostics with:
    • Software Startdrive in TIA Portal
    • BOP-2 and IOP-2 operator panels
  • Function Charts: Setpoint channel, I/Os, free function blocks
  • Control signals and signal interconnections using BiCo-technology
  • Inverter functions and closed loop control
  • Practical exercises using the training device with SINAMICS CU240E-2 PN and PM 240-2


  • Basic knowledge of electrical engineering


  • none