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AC Motors Basics Web based Training / 交流电机基础网络课程 (W1201)


  • Electrical drive technology plays an important role in industry, mobility and infrastructure. A general knowledge of drives systems is therefore essential for the performance of planning, commissioning and maintenance work. This training session introduces you to this subject. It gives you a basic understanding of what you need to know to achieve optimal learning results from SITRAIN courses at the training center.
Type E-Learning
Duration 6 hours
Language zh

Target Group

  • Decision makers, sales personnel
  • Project managers, project assistants
  • Engineers, programmers
  • Startup engineers, configuration engineers
  • Service personnel
  • Operators, users
  • Maintenance personnel


  • Output ranges and areas of application of electric motors
  • Fundamental electrical principles: magnetism, alternating current, induction, permanent and electromagnets
  • Fundamental mechanical principles: speed and acceleration, force and torque, power and energy, gear ratios
  • Design and construction of electric motors: rotors, stators, windings, bearings, enclosures, number of poles and speed
  • Operating principle of three-phase motors:
    • Induction motors
    • Permanently excited synchronous motors
    • Separately excited synchronous motors
  • Characteristic curves: torque-speed curve, current-speed curve, starting torque, breakdown torque, slip
  • Association between active power, reactive power, apparent power and power factor
  • Behavior of an induction motor during voltage and frequency fluctuations
  • Load curves: linear, quadratic and constant torque, constant power, moment of inertia
  • Energy efficiency, lifecycle costs, system analysis
  • Standardized motors as per IEC and NEMA


  • None


300 CNY