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PROFIBUS in process automation - the basics / 过程自动化中的PROFIBUS现场总线基础 (W1102)


  • You will learn about the basic properties of the PROFIBUS fieldbus, its application areas, become acquainted with the limitations of PROFIBUS in process automation, find out about the bus access procedure and the PROFIBUS DP communication profile, and also become familiar with the configuration possibilities.
Type E-Learning
Duration 6 hours
Language zh

Target Group

  • Decision makers, Sales personnel, Planners, Programmers, Commissioning engineers, Configuration engineers, Maintenance engineers, Maintenance personnel, Service personnel.


  • Chapter 1: Master-slave principle
    • Standardization of PROFIBUS
    • Distributed I/O and automation devices
    • Bus access by automation devices
    • Token principle
  • Chapter 2: Transmission technology
    • Transmission standard EIA RS-485 and intrinsically safe RS-485-iS
    • Transmission using fiber-optic cable
    • Transmission standard PROFIBUS PA (MPB)
    • Transmission speed and bus length
    • Node addresses
  • Chapter 3: Protocol architecture
    • ISO/OSI layers
    • Layer services
    • Bus access control
    • Master-slave protocol
    • Broadcast/Multicast
  • Chapter 4: DP communication profile
    • Application areas of PROFIBUS DP
    • DP communication profile for mono-master systems
    • Class 1/Class 2 master
    • DPV1 and DPV2 expansion
    • HART applications on PROFIBUS


  • None


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