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Teamcenter Foundation / Teamcenter基础 (F5401)


  • This course introduces the concept of product lifecycle management. It provides instruction on working in the rich client interface and the basics of using Teamcenter, including applying basic use cases, managing product supporting documents, managing your product structure, visualizing your product model, managing your release processes, and managing changes.
Type Face-to-face training
Duration 5 days
Language zh

Target Group

  • Users who design, configure and release data using Teamcenter


  • Overview of Teamcenter terms and concepts
  • Use rich client user interface to perform basic tasks
  • Locate, view, and report on product data
  • Create Teamcenter items and update properties
  • Protect and access product data
  • Work with product data in projects
  • Configure behavior using options and preferences
  • Initiate a workflow
  • An Introduction to Teamcenter
  • Working with items
  • Importing your data files
  • Applying data security practices
  • Finding content using Search
  • Working with projects
  • Configuring behavior using options and preferences
  • Managing Teamcenter data in real time with Microsoft Office
  • Update BOM properties in real time with live Excel
  • Opening and viewing product structures
  • Controlling assembly configuration views
  • Creating, editing, and analyzing product structures
  • Navigating the structure relation hierarchy
  • Classifying and using standard product data
  • Searching for Classified data
  • Viewing visualization data
  • Initiate a workflow
  • Managing workflow task assignments
  • Managing workflow processes
  • Introduction to managing changes
  • Creating problem reports
  • Creating change requests
  • Elaborating and executing the change


12,500 CNY