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  1. F-PROCSAF - Description

CFC / Process Safety / Safety Matrix - Seulement sur demande (F-PROCSAF)


  • In this course you become familiar with the PCS7 conform generating of failsafe application with CFC and Safety Matrix. The theoretical parts of the training are backed up with practical exercises. These exercises are done with failsafe and highly available CPUs CPU 412-3 H and CPU 414-4 H with Profisafe. After the course you will be able to evaluate safety functions and adjust security relevant times.
Type Face-to-face training
Duration 3 days
Language fr

Target Group

  • PCS7 users who are engineering projects with PCS7 and F-Systems


  • Functional safety Basics from IEC61508 and IEC61511, Layer of Protection Analysis and Risk graph by means of a safety instrumented function
  • System architecture and diagnostics in safety components (Hardware, Software, Communication)
  • Overview about F-Hardware
  • Parameter in HW-Configuration (safety mode, sensor evaluation, addressing, monitoring time, H-parameter, Wiring and Voting)
  • F-Library system functions (F-Shutdown, Partial Shutdown Groups)
  • F-Library system user functions (Safety Data Write, F-Quittes, communication, voting blocks)
  • Applications (passivation, reintegration, block typical) Safety Matrix, Calculate and adjust F-times using S7ftimeb.xls (reaction-,monitoring times)
  • Safety Matrix, Calculate and adjust F-times using S7ftimeb.xls (reaction-,monitoring times)


  • Attendance of training course X-PCS7SYS


  • Course documentation: English
  • Trainer: English, Dutch, French