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Regarding the offerings of SITRAIN in the particular country please contact the address published in specific country or on the SITRAIN World page.

  1. LV-EMSENTB - Description

Energiemanagement - Basistraining (LV-EMSENTB)


  • The course is designed to teach application of the powermanager software.
  • The power monitoring system powermanager, together with 7KM/7KT measuring devices from the SENTRON portfolio, enables the recording, archiving and evaluation of energy flows.
  • The course is therefore geared toward anyone who is commissioning and/or using the system for the first time.
  • Participants receive an overview of the functions of measuring devices as well as the configuration software powerconfig and operation of powermanager.
  • Demonstrations include installation of the system, creating the devices, displaying the data in trends and evaluation in reporting. The main focus is on the integrated reporting function.
  • Enhanced reports on the basis of EXCEL are considered and explained using examples.
  • The course is geared to both commissioning technicians and users of the software.
Type Face-to-face training
Duration 2 days
Language de

Target Group

  • Planning
  • Configuration
  • Operation


  • Overview of the various measuring devices and their function
  • System overview, licenses
  • Function of the powerconfig configuration software
  • Function overview of powermanager
  • Installation of powermanager and updates
  • Understanding the function and structure of projects
  • Database settings
  • User administration
  • System and device messages
  • Creating and setting up the measuring devices
  • Use of mass parameterization
  • Creating and administering the curve presentations
  • Creating, configuring and generating the various reports of basic reporting
  • Web client access
  • OPC server
  • Set-up of the system as a service


  • Adequate knowledge of the Windows operating system, PC
  • Basic knowledge of network technology
  • Basic knowledge of EXCEL (for advanced reporting
  • Basic knowledge of measurement technology


  • There is a separate training for the Powermanager V4 (LV-EMUSERV4).