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Regarding the offerings of SITRAIN in the particular country please contact the address published in specific country or on the SITRAIN World page.

  1. DR-S12-NET - Description



  • Your drive and automation devices communicate using PROFINET or PROFIBUS DP. If there are errors in communication, various causes need to be considered, such as unsuitable cabling, faulty plug contacts, incorrect parameterization or electromagnetic influences. Sporadic errors are particularly difficult to investigate.
  • In this course, you will learn how to troubleshoot using integrated diagnostics functions and how to remedy these faults. You will be get to know the appropriate measures to ensure continuously reliable operation. For complicated cases, you will know how to use special measuring devices to identify the cause of faults.
Type Face-to-face training
Duration 3 days
Language en

Target Group

  • Commissioning engineers
  • Service personnel
  • Maintenance personnel


  • Interfaces of the SINAMICS Control Units to the network and the PC
  • Configuration of the network in HW Config and NetPro
  • PROFIdrive: Process data and telegram structure
  • Isochronous mode: Properties and parameterization
  • Monitoring communication data with STARTER and STEP 7
  • Recording communication data using the trace function
  • Diagnostic options in SINAMICS and SIMATIC
  • Diagnostics over the Internet using integrated web server
  • Physical characteristics of PROFINET and PROFIBUS
  • Electromagnetic compatibility EMC:
    • Causes and effects of faults
    • Measuring disturbance variables
    • Measures for resolving faults
  • Data analysis in the network:
    • Data packets and network control
    • Recording/tracing and evaluating diagnostics telegrams
  • Practical exercises with SINAMICS S120 with PROFINET and PROFIBUS


  • Good knowledge of SINAMICS in accordance with the courses on commissioning DR-S12-PM (formerly DR-SNS-SI) or maintenance DR-S12-DG (fomerly DR-SNS-IH).
  • Knowledge of SIMATIC S7 in accordance with the ST-PRO1 or ST-SERV1 courses.