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  1. Custom Courses

Custom Courses

Course customization can be your solution to a challenging project, application or student group. From a simple subject addition to a complete needs assessment and course design, SITRAIN can deliver to meet the needs of your staff, schedule and budget.

Customizing a course can help maximize your investment returns with targeted job-skill development. Matching the training pace and subject depth with the experience of your staff and your installed systems provides the most efficient training possible. To discuss a training solution tailored to your needs, give us a call at +27 11 652 3206 or send us an e-mail.

Customizing Course

When customizing a course Sitrain is the right solution for your training needs. Siemens offers free consultation services to help. These experienced consultants can help focus your requirements and package a solution that provides value, flexibility and results. The key issues when customizing a course include

  • Audience Compatibility – Keep the students as close as possible in base line skills. A broad gap in skills leaves someone behind.
  • Clarify Objectives – Define and communicate your core learning and performance objectives. Separate the “must know” issues and commit agenda time to thoroughly cover.
  • Limit Multiple Technologies – Including multiple technologies such as PLCs, Drives, Networking and Human Machine Interfaces into a single session may be possible but is it the right choice? For general systems awareness this is fine, for in-depth skill building this is a very big bite!
  • Hands-On Takes Time – People learn from doing, it’s that simple. Siemens simulator systems provide a risk-free learning environment. Take advantage of these systems by budgeting adequate time for hands-on skill building.
  • Application Specifics – Your custom course can incorporate a range of application specifics from a simple PLC program (elements) review to a shop floor systems analysis or Q&A. The caution is to balance core learning objectives with the perception of application complexities.
  • Custom Requires Preparation – To insure a quality course, the prep-time requirements are equitable with the level of customization requested. Planning resources, equipment and materials may extend delivery lead times. Custom materials development may also elevate initial investment costs. Your SITRAIN team will provide a complete proposal for your custom training requests