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PCS 7 AS-Engineering (ST-PCS7AS.)

  • PCS 7 AS-Engineering


  • • As SIMATIC PCS 7 Engineer you will learn in this course the potential of the SIMATIC PCS 7-process control software with focus on AS-Engineering.
  • • As important topics for advanced SIMATIC PCS 7 Engineers the integration of Profinet in SIMATIC PCS 7, the Advanced Process Library (APL), the configuration of SFC-Types, as well as Type-Instance conceptions supporting an efficient AS-Engineering are in the center of the course.
  • • By practical exercises at training equipment you will put your newly acquired theoretical knowledge into the practice. Through this you increase your learning success.
  • • On completion of the course, you are able to engineer a process automation optimally and efficiently.
Type Online-Training
Duration 5 days
Language en

Target Group

  • • Project manager, project staff
  • • Technologists
  • • configuring engineers, programmer
  • • Commissioning engineers


  • • PCS 7 project handling
  • o Multiproject engineering and Multiuser engineering
  • o Upgrade of block libraries with CPU 410-5H
  • o Comparing project versions with the Version Cross Manager, Versioning using Version Trail
  • o Licenses and current license model with CPU 410-5H
  • • System design - Planning and specifying hardware components
  • o Memory and cycle time resources of the CPU
  • o Important CPU settings
  • o Behavior when maximum cycle time exceeded
  • o Topology comparison of Profibus vs. Profinet in SIMATIC PCS 7
  • • Type-Instance conceptions in SIMATIC PCS 7
  • o Central bulk engineering with the Import/Export Assistant
  • o Structure of the import file
  • o Creating process tag types and importing process tags,
  • o Modifying process tag types, Updating and exporting process tags
  • • Introduction of control module types
  • o Comparison of control module types vs. Process tag types, manually editing,
  • o Updating control modules and variants / optional blocks
  • • Technologic engineering with APL
  • o Basic APL functions
  • o Configuration of dosing functions
  • • Advanced Process Control with APL
  • o Introduction of APC functions
  • o Control performance monitoring and PID tuning
  • • Sequential control with SFC types
  • o Basics, Operating State Logic
  • o Configuration of SFC types
  • o Characteristics as interface of SFC types, Changing control strategy and setpoints


  • • Attendance of training course ST-PCS7SYS
  • • Basic knowledge of process control engineering
  • • Practical experience in SIMATIC PCS 7 project engineering.
  • • Basic knowledge of APL, as provided in the System course or in the APL-Workshop


  • Equipment and Software requirement:
    • PCS 7 V9 SP1 (Licensed)
    • Microsoft Teams
    • PLC SIM activated
    • FAST internet line
    • PC with a web camera and microphone
    • The training files loaded


14,576 ZAR