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  3. ST-WSFSP - Description

Functional Safety for the Process Industry Workshop & Certification (ST-WSFSP)

  • This workshop provides a common sense understanding of the fundamental aspects and principles of functional safety. It explains how these aspects and principles are implemented by concepts and requirements of IEC 61508 and derivate standards.
    Also available as Online-Training


  • The aim of this workshop is to equip delegates with information on the scope and main requirements of the current functional safety standards for the process sector, and to give an appreciation of how to apply their principles.
Type Face-to-face training
Duration 3 days
Language en


  • By the end of the workshop delegates will have:-
    • Gained an awareness of the key parts of the standards (e.g IEC 61508 and IEC 61511) including Safety Lifecycle, Hazard and Risk Analysis, SIL Determination, Diagnostic Coverage and Common Cause Failures etc, for safety circuit designs.
    • Gained an understanding of some of the differences between IEC 61508 and IEC 61511 and the concepts which these standards promote.
    • Gained an understanding of the requirements of the standards to deal with the avoidance of systematic errors.
    • Be aware of the measures to avoid systematic errors in software.
    • Be aware of the archeitectures of Safety Related Controls and how these architectures relate to practical applications.
    • Gained an appreciation of the importance of the component performance and reliability, and how the necessary data can be derived from readily available information
    • The objective of this examination is to award candidates who have successfully proven their understanding of Functional Process Safety and its application a TÜV Safety Certificate.


  • The workshop is aimed a managers, technicians and design engineers who have responsibilities for process sector Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS).


  • Delegates will need to bring a scientific calculator with them to the workshop and examination.


1,805 GBP