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MicroSAM Operation and Maintenance Course (SC-C-SAM-A)

  • The course covers operation, maintenance and calibration of the MicroSAM and operation of the Maxum Workstation including Advance System Manager and EZChrom software packages.


  • On completion of this course the participant will have an understanding of how to separate and detect components in a gas/liquid blend and be able to maintain and calibrate the MicroSAM .
Type Face-to-face training
Duration 2 days
Language en


  • MicroSAM - Physical Structure and Electronic Design
  • Introduction to Micro-Chromatography.
  • Description of the analytical module.
  • Live Injection.
  • Live column switching.
  • Hardware modules, electronic, analytical.
  • Removal/fitting the Analyser module.
  • Removal/fitting of electronic modules.
  • Digital I/O
  • Maintenance of the analysis module and analyser.
  • Documentation - Data sheet, nomenclature.
  • The Workstation and Structure of the Software
  • Devices for networking
  • Configure the PC
  • WorkStation Software
  • Networking
  • Addresses, IP
  • Ethernet, Serial interface.
  • MicroSAM - Database
  • System Manager - configure database and applications.
  • EZChrom - generate methods and sample sequences.
  • MMI emulation - operation and monitoring.
  • Alarms
  • The *.amd file, backup and restore
  • Operating Off-line with EZChrom Software
  • Application
  • Sequences, methods
  • Peak tables and integration parameters.
  • Each of the above topic areas are backed up by practical exercises using a working MicroSAM training analyser. Working examples are provided and tested out during the course.


  • The course is intended for individuals responsible for maintaining and calibrating the MicroSAM.
  • It would be an advantage (but not an absolute necessity) for attendees to have basic Chromatography skills.


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1,515 GBP