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  2. MC-SMO-SYS - Description

Simotion System and Programming Course (MC-SMO-SYS)

  • You will learn how to configure and start up the SIMOTION Motion Control system with the associated drives and visualization devices. The course also includes the programming of movement sequences with the help of Motion Control Chart and ladder diagram/function block diagram. The technologies positioning, synchronous operation, probe, and cam plates are explained and reinforced by means of practice-oriented examples. The course enables you to use SIMOTION optimally in the automation of production machinery. The programming course (MC-SMO-PRG) builds on this to deal in depth with the creation of parameterizable blocks.


  • This course gives a comprehensive introduction to the hardware structure of the Simotion platforms and the configuration commissioning software Simotion Scout.
Type Face-to-face training
Duration 5 days
Language en

Target Group

  • Programmers
  • Commissioning engineers, configuring engineers
  • Service personnel


  • System overview of SIMOTION
  • Components of SIMOTION
  • SCOUT engineering system and option packages
  • Hardware platforms
  • Motion control technology packages
  • Creating a project with SCOUT
  • Starting up and optimizing axes
  • Programming user programs with MCC (Motion Control Chart) and LAD/FBD
  • Runtime system (task system) configuring
  • Learning to use tools for fault diagnostics
  • Performing practical exercises on training devices


  • A good understanding of basic electrical principles such as voltage, current, resistance, inductance and power.
  • A basic ability to use an MS Windows PC, keyboard and mouse to open and close programs, locate files, drag, drop, copy and paste objects/text.


2,650 GBP