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  2. ST-WCCOAEN - Description

Certified WinCC OA Engineer Workshop (ST-WCCOAEN)

  • In this three day instructor-led course the participants become acquainted with the internal mechanisms and details of WinCC OA. Typical subjects are: debugging, performance, communication between the managers and scripting “Do’s and Don’ts”. To derive a maximum benefit a current customer project is used as basis for discussion to show and discuss the used mechanism. Further subjects (like WinCC OA Add Ons or special functions) can be arranged previously with the trainer.


  • On completion of this course the trainee will have a deeper knowledge about the internal mechanisms of WinCC OA and therefore he will be able to handle more complex WinCC OA applications, including the functionalities of the chosen and trained WinCC OA add-on modules.
Type Face-to-face training
Duration 3 days
Language en


  • Explanation of all configs in detail
  • Project structure (use of sub projects, config files hierarchy)
  • Review and discussion of a distinct customer project (DPTs, configs, value archive configuration, graphical objects, CTRL-scripts – “Do’s and Don’ts”)
  • Analysis Tools: Reports, Debug flags, messages, CTRL script debugger, etc.
  • Up to two WinCC OA add-on modules may be chosen by the participants (depending on the remaining time). Available functional modules: CNS (Common Name Service), Ultralight Client / Script wizard, Web Client, Web Server, MS Excel Report, Recipes, Scheduler, Redundancy, Distributed Systems, DRS (Disaster Recovery System), Communication Centre, Driver (S7 and others), RDB (Oracle archiving), CTRL-ADO interface, APM (Advanced Playback Manager), Mass configuration / Multilanguage, Object Design, AMS (Advanced Maintenance Suite)


  • Participating trainees should be PC literate (MS Windows, keyboard and mouse skills), have PLC and network knowledge. A basic knowledge of programming is advantageous. Trainees must have previously attended the “Certified WinCC OA Basic Training Course” (ETM-WinCCOABAS). Trainees should bring a suitable laptop. A training copy of the WinCC OA software will be provided for the duration of the course if needed. A minimum specification for this PC is detailed in the note below.


  • Note: The minimum hardware and software requirements for the PC the trainee should bring to the course is:
    • Processor Pentium IV 1,6 GHz (or better)
    • RAM 1GB
    • HDD >1 GB free disk space
    • Graphic 1280 x 1024
    • Input Keyboard and mouse
    • Media DVD-ROM
    • Operating system Windows 7, Windows 2008 Server, Windows XP, Linux RHEL5.8, Open Suse 12.1, Sparc Solaris 10
    • Optional Software: Microsoft Excel 2007 / 2010 (32 bit)
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    ETM Website


2,340 GBP