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  1. Networking, Monitoring & Switching
  2. IK-ASISYS - Description

AS-Interface Installation & Maintenance Course (IK-ASISYS)

  • This course is aimed at engineering personnel who are interested in the installation, configuration and diagnostics of AS-Interface systems. The course uses a 'hands-on' practical approach to reinforce the theoretical aspects of the training. Practical tasks are undertaken using a simulation rig including S7-300 PLCs.


  • On completion of this course the participant will be able to:- Understand how AS-Interface systems are installed & applied Use diagnostic tools to troubleshoot existing systems
Type Face-to-face training
Duration 3 days
Language en


  • Introduction to AS-Interface systems including references to V2.0, V2.1 and V3.0 methods of communication.
  • Installation of AS-Interface systems
  • Application of AS-Interface systems
  • Equipment available to use on AS-Interface systems
  • Configuration of AS-Interface network using hand-held programmer
  • Configuration of AS-Interface Master/Slave equipment on S7 PLC systems
  • Configuration of AS-Interface Master/Slave equipment on S7 PLC systems
  • Interfacing the AS-Interface network to a PROFIBUS network using DP/AS-i Link20E
  • Fault finding and diagnostics using the hand-held programmer
  • Fault finding and diagnostics using Step7 (V5.x)
  • Diagnostics using AS-Interface Analyser software
  • Integration of binary and analogue signals in S7 PLCs
  • Integration of V2.1 A/B slave technology
  • Configuration of network using DP/AS-i Link Advanced
  • Web browser configuration and diagnostics for the DP/AS-i Link Advanced
  • Integration of V3.0 A/B slave technology
  • Replication of diagnostics on a HMI device (WinCC Flexible 2008)


  • The ability to use a MS Windows PC (W7), keyboard and mouse to include opening and closing programs, locating files, copy and paste objects /data (text, etc). Drag and drop files, objects/data (text, etc). Use of menus and multi-menus, manipulation of windows within a multi-window environment. Use of MS Windows Help.
  • Delegates must have attended Siemens ST-PRO1, ST-SERV1 or ST-SERV2 or have good experience in using Step7 (V5.x).


  • AS-Interface to S7200/S71200 PLCs and use of Step7 in the TIA Portal are not covered on this course.


1,725 GBP