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  1. Aftercare-Clinics-and-Refreshers

Skill Aftercare Programme


Following delivery of the training solution it is important to apply this newly gained knowledge and practically use these new skills in the workplace to consolidate the learning gain and continue to build confidence and competence. Without this form of regular and timely exposure the knowledge and skills gained during the training phase will rapidly decay and confidence lost to apply them when required. This is particularly true for maintenance related training where it is not always possible to practice the learned skills as soon as the trainee returns to the workplace and it could be some considerable time before they are exposed to the challenge of using these new skills.

It is important that a formal follow-up infrastructure is in place to protect the investment made in developing these skills and produce the expected performance gains expected from the training.

Siemens SITRAIN provides a comprehensive follow-up service to check and refresh skills in the post training period. This a flexible service which can be tailored to the customer requirements. Typically it consists of periodic knowledge retention checks, group refreshers and 1:1 clinic sessions. In addition Siemens SITRAIN can assist with identifying potential champions and coaches from the TNR phase to underpin this aftercare process. We can also help with the design of follow up processes to ensure post training skill building is a continuous process.