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S7 Service Technician Examination Module Level 1 (CP-FAST1)

  • This is the examination module for those personnel who have completed the required pre-requisite Siemens S7 courses and wish to enter the examination for Siemens Certified S7 Service Technician Level 1.


  • The objective of this examination is to award successful candidates who have demonstrated their knowledge and competence of S7 service the Siemens S7 Service Technician level 1 Certificate.
Type Face-to-face training
Duration 1 day
Language en


  • The examination is a combination of theoretical and practical tasks to test understanding and competence. Each candidate is provided with an S7 TIA training system for the purposes of completing the examination. This assessment is carried out under formal examination conditions. Please note it is essential that participants bring their Sitrain documentation/ notes from the Sitrain pre-requisite courses they attended to the examination session. It will be required to complete the examination tasks. This documentation will not be provided by Siemens for candidates to undertake the examination session.


  • PC literacy, keyboard/ mouse skills and a working knowledge of MS Windows enabling the participant to:-
  • Open and Close programs
  • Locate files
  • Copy and paste files, objects and data (text, etc.)
  • Drag and drop files, objects and data (text, etc.)
  • Use of menus and multi-menus
  • Manipulate windows within a multi-window environment
  • Use the Windows help
  • To enter the Siemens Certified S7 Service Technician level 1 examination participants must have either completed the Siemens S7 Service 1 and Service 2 courses or the Siemens S7 Programming 1 and Service 2 courses. Examination candidates are also strongly advised to have completed the optional S7 Service Technician level 1 Refresher Course (CP-FASTR1) prior to taking the examination.


  • Course Duration - 1 Day


340 GBP