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Tomas Wahlström

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Therése Fagerström
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Integration G120P in Desigo (TDPW05)

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  • After working through the eLearning, you are familiar with possibilities, topologies, requirements, and settings for the G120P and are able to correctly engineer and commission plants.


  • The goal of the eLearning is to become familiar with the most important aspects to efficiently integrate the G120P into the Desigo System and to learn the parameters and settings needed to do so. In addition, we refer to another eLearning course that illustrates the workflows in the Desigo System using examples.
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  • The training course is targeted at project heads, planners, service technicians, commissioning technicians, and partners who want to use the variable speed drive G120P in HVAC plants together with the Desigo building automation and control system


  • We begin by providing the most important information on trouble-free cabling, since it is here that the most common mistakes are made preventing the variable speed drive from operating in an optimum manner.
  • Then we go into detail on setting the parameters on the G120P, which is required to communicate with the Desigo system via Modbus.
  • The workflows in Desigo Xworks and in the TX-Open-Tool are illustrated based on another eLearning course "E08TOIO - TX Open Workflow".
  • Finally, we provide notes on additional documents with even more details on the topics above.


  • Solid system knowledge is required to ensure trouble-free integration into the Desigo system, especially at the automation level and with the engineering tools Desigo Xworks Plus and TX Open Tool. A comprehensive array of training courses is available at the BT Academy in the course catalog under "Building automation and control", "Desigo".