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Simatic PCS 7 OS Engineering (ST-PCS7OSE)


  • As SIMATIC PCS 7 Engineer you will learn in this course the potential of the SIMATIC PCS 7-process control software with focus on OS configuration and design of graphic objects.
  • You will put your newly acquired knowledge of the theory to use in practical exercises on the training equipment which you will work on as if your were in a real plant. This will increase your learning success.
  • On completion of the course, you will be able to achieve optimal design of the window to the process.
Typ Utbildning
Antal dagar 4,5 dagar
Språk en


  • Project manager, project staff
  • Programmer
  • Commissioning engineers, configuring engineers
  • Service personnel, maintenance personnel


  • Basics of OS configuration
  • Client / Server Configuration
  • Server Redundance
  • Extended configuring of multi-user project
  • Web configuration
  • Long-term archiving
  • Graphic configuration
  • Graphic object update wizard


  • Attendance of training course ST-PCS7SYS recommended
  • Basic knowledge of process control engineering
  • Practical experience in SIMATIC PCS 7 project engineering.
  • You can use the available online entry test to ensure that the selected course matches your area of expertise.


25 300 SEK