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Hydraulics in building technology (TEAPKW03E)

Kort beskrivning

  • Fundamentals of hydraulics in building technology


  • To acquire basic knowledge by working through the self-study course on the technical specialty of "Hydraulics in building technology". Completion of the course is required to attend the basic course "Hydraulics I".
  • You will be able to:
  • •Correctly recognize and identify hydraulic partial circuits.
  • •Explain flow response and temperature curve in the function of the valve stroke for each section of piping within a hydraulic circuit.
  • •Determine suitable hydraulic circuits for given applications.
  • You will know and understand:
  • •The various characteristic curves, their interaction and selection to achieve the control-technical goal.
  • •Basic function of combination valves and district heating.
  • •Some phenomena with regard to incorrect circulation and cavitation.
  • •What must be correctly sized in hydraulic circuits.
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Antal dagar 4 timmar
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  • This course is targeted at sales personnel, project managers, commissioning and service technicians as well as students, installers and engineers within the HVAC industry.


  • Hydraulic circuits
  • Hydraulic characteristic curves
  • Special problems in hydraulic circuits
  • Sizing of control valves
  • Self-test


  • Participation in the course "Introduction to HVAC and Building Technology", "Measuring and Control Technology" or the equivalent knowledge.


1 530 SEK