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  1. Industriautomation
  2. Simatic PCS 7 & PCS NEO
  3. ST-PCS7SIM - Beskrivning

SIMIT in Process Automation (ST-PCS7SIM)


  • This course provides you a summary of the functions and libraries of the simulation software SIMIT.
  • By practical exercises you will learn about the design of simulations / simulation models for testing the PCS 7 automation software.
  • The perfect interplay of all components integrated in SIMIT enables you to produce more in the highest quality durably and to establish new products on the market considerably faster.
  • On completion of the course, you are able to:
  • create own components and templates
  • to use the available features for efficient engineering in SIMIT
  • to establish couplings between the simulation in SIMIT and automation systems in PCS 7, which are emulated by PLCSIM or the Virtual Controller.
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Antal dagar 3 dagar
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  • Decision makers
  • Sales personnel
  • Project manager
  • Project staff
  • Configuring engineers
  • Programmer


  • Interfaces to controllers or other applications
  • Introduction of the 3 simulation levels and their function
  • Creation of templates and efficient engineering by import functions
  • Working with libraries provided by SIMIT
  • Creation of own components using the Component Type Editor
  • Insight into the message system and the Automation Control Interface of SIMIT
  • Creation of small simulation projects
  • Configuration of a distributed simulation using the Virtual Controller



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