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Optimal data usage in manufacturing with Industrial Edge, Virtual (TIA-EDGEON)

  • This course teaches you what is Siemens industrial EDGE. You will be introduced to the concept and you will learn how to use Industrial Edge devices and Industrial Edge Management. The course is designed for automation engineers whose responsibility is to set up and manage industrial EDGE systems.


  • By attending this course, you will learn how to use the advantages of Industrial Edge optimally for your application:
    • Flexible and secure mass data processing directly in production.
    • Shorter innovation cycles and greater flexibility thanks to central software and operating system updates.
    • Reduce the time to market through efficiency-increasing platform functionalities
    • Future-proof and low barriers to entry due to the open ecosystem
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Antal dagar 2 dagar
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    • Commissioning engineer
    • Project planner


  • • Industrial Edge Version 1.3
  • • Introduction to the concept and application of the Industrial Edge Device and Industrial Edge Management System
  • • Commissioning and onboarding of an industrial edge device in the management system in the existing network topology
  • • Perform firmware updates
  • • Configuration of different Edge Apps
  • • Implementation of different use cases with available Industrial Edge Apps
  • • Installation of an individual Industrial Edge application
  • • The following Industrial Edge Apps are among those used in the course:
    • IE Flow Creator, SIMATIC S7 Connector, Data Service, Performance Insigt


    • Basic knowledge in SIMATIC TIA Portal STEP 7
    • Basic IT knowledge would be recommended

Övrig information

  • The training is provided through MS Teams and the participant will have remote control of the virtual environment. The course teaching and material language is English. The material is provided for students in electrical form as pdf document.
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