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Building automation
Tomas Wahlström

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Industri Automation
Therése Fagerström
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  3. TDPW00 - Description

DESIGO V5 an Introduction (TDPW00)


  • Detta är en Webbkurs.
  • Kursen beställs via Varukorgen och kan efter bekräftelse startas via MyTraining.
  • You can explain the following after working through the self-study program:
  • Design of system topology and the scope of the system
  • Management and operating station capabilities
  • Important features of automation stations, system controllers and room automation
  • Scope and benefits of proven applications
  • Importance of the influence of BAC functions on the energy efficiency of buildings
  • DESIGO system communication capabilities
Type E-Learning
Duration 10 hours
Language en

Target Group

  • All employees who want to learn about the DESIGO building automation and control system All employees preparing for successive DESIGO courses All Value Added Partners (VAP) that implement the DESIGO building automation and control system for their customers


  • Introduction to training
  • System overview
  • Management stations
  • DESIGO PX automation stations
  • DESIGO RX room automation
  • I/O modules DESIGO TX
  • Proven applications
  • Energy efficiency
  • Communication
  • Self test


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