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  3. TDPRW02 - Description

Commissioning with ABT (Automation Building Tool) (TDPRW02)

Short Description

  • This training module covers the basic knowledge for the commissioning with ABT Site and ABT-SSA (Setup & Service Assistant).


  • After completion of this eLearning, you know:
  • •Basic Desigo Room Automation Hardware Portfolio
  • •The design and the navigation in the ABT-SSA (Setup & Service Assistant)
  • •Activities and main workflows with ABT-SSA
  • •available documentation and video tutorials
  • You are able to:
  • •explain and carry out the working steps with the ABT-SSA shown in this eLearning
Type E-Learning
Duration 2 hours
Language en

Target Group

  • Electrical-Installers, Technicians, Design Engineers and Application Engineers who want to carry out the commissioning of the room automation stations PXC3 and DXR2 as part of Desigo Room Automation (BACnet).


  • Introduction
  • Overview Desigo Room Automation (BACnet) Hardware
  • Overview for Electrical Installer and Balancer
  • Working steps in ABT Site
  • ABT-SSA Navigation & Operation
  • Working steps in ABT-SSA
  • General topics
  • Final Examination