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  1. Курсы
  3. NC-802DSIP - Описание

Курс NC-802DSIP-Ввод в эксплуатацию и обслуживание SINUMERIK 802D / NC-802D-SIP - Commissioning and service of SINUMERIK 802D (NC-802DSIP)

Краткое описание

  • This course is developed for the personnel of commissioning and service experts. The course provides the main knowledge for successful start and service of SINUMERIK 802D system.


  • Receiving the main knowledge necessary for successful start of SINUMERIK 802D system, and also carrying out the qualified service.
Тип Индивидуальный курс
Длительность 5 дни
Язык ru


  • - Review of the SINUMERIK 802D components
  • - The main working methods with the interface of the operator of system
  • - Full saving of data and overload of data sets
  • - Analysis of mistakes and function of diagnostics
  • - Machine data (MD) for a configuration of SChPU and drives
  • - The explanation of the SChPU functions and its adaptation to the machine by means of MD and signals of interfaces
  • - Commissioning and optimization of SIMODRIVE 611uE drives by means of the SimoComU program
  • - Description of the LAD language and creation of programs of electroautomatic equipment of the machine
  • - Work with the Programming ToolPLC802 program
  • - Structure of the NC-/PLC-interface and signals of interfaces
  • - A practical training on commissioning and detection of mistakes at the educational stands equipped with digital drives of giving.

Требования к участнику

  • Experience in Windows
  • Initial knowledge of drawing up PLC programs for the SIMATIC S7-200 controler (within the course ST-7MICRO).