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Курс ST-7STOE - поиск неисправностей и ошибок / ST-7STOE - SIMATIC S7 Troubleshooting (Simatic Step 7 Classic) (ST-7STOE)

Краткое описание

  • The course is intended for the experts who are engaged in commissioning and service of control systems on the basis of SIMATIC S7300/400 controlers. The course provides the expanded level of knowledge of an operating system and service of SIMATIC S7 systems. Listeners carry out a large number of practical exercises on search and elimination of the prepared mistakes.


  • Acquisition of expanded knowledge of service of SIMATIC S7 systems, to commissioning of the equipment and programs, search of mistakes and elimination of malfunctions
Тип Индивидуальный курс
Длительность 5 дни
Язык ru


  • - Control of the hardware
  • - Test functions in STEP7
  • - Parametriruyemy program blocks: FC/FB
  • - Organizational blocks
  • - Loading of the program of the user. Search of the mistakes leading to CPU stop with use of system information (B-STACK and I-STACK)
  • - Random errors
  • - Search and elimination of logical errors of functioning of system
  • - Processing of interruptions; adaptation of the program to changes in the hardware
  • - Expanded opportunities of diagnostics
  • - Communications via the MPI interface
  • - Saving of the program of the user

Требования к участнику

  • experience with WINDOWS, initial knowledge of SIMATIC S7 within the course ST-7SYH
  • the higher technical or secondary education


  • Practical exercises are carried out with use of educational SIMATIC S7-300/400 stands and models of the conveyor. The course provides a large number of educational examples on testing of programs and search of the simulated wrong conditions of installation.