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Курс ST-WINCSCR / ST-WINCSCR - Application of ANSI-C of scenarios in WinCC (SCADA) system (ST-WINCSCR)

Краткое описание

  • Application of ANSI-C of scenarios in WinCC (SCADA) system. The course is intended for development of various opportunities of the built-in language of scenarios in the ANSI-C language in systems of automation with application of SIMATIC WinCC or on the basis of SIMATIC PCS 7.


  • - Studying of syntax and basic opportunities of language of scenarios C in WinCC
  • - Studying of opportunities of functional model of the environment of execution of WinCC Runtime available in the scenarios ANSI-C
  • - Development of opportunities of the solution of problems of interaction with other appendices in the environment of Windows, and also access to files and other resources
Тип Индивидуальный курс
Длительность 4 дни
Язык ru


  • - Bases of language of the scenarios ANSI-C (variables and massifs, types of data, operators, designs of language, function and procedure)
  • - Functional model of the environment of execution of WinCC/PCS7
  • - Global actions in WinCC/PCS7
  • - Practical exercises and chosen examples of the solution of practical tasks
  • - Additional subjects and practical training:
    • Work with files and folders
    • Connection and use of the DLL libraries
    • Work with Windows API
    • Work with RAW tags


  • - The programmator is provided to every participant for performance of exercises.