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  1. Курсы
  2. Simatic NET
  3. IK-IESEC - Описание


  • The course is intended for the experts who are engaged in commissioning and service of Industrial Ethernet/Profinet systems in which industrial communications of c by use marutizatorov/modules of safety of Siemens are realized. Questions of integration of the ACS networks into the general network of the enterprise, to design and creation of VPN of connections and remote access to a network with use of Softnet Security Client are considered.

    Для бронирования данного курса просим перейти по ссылке и заполнить анкету: https://di-events.siemens.ru/courses/


  • Listeners of a course solve problems of safe connection of production networks to networks of the general by means of the router/module of safety of Siemens of the SCALANCE S 612/613 series Modules of safety of the SCALANCE S series were specially developed for use in the automated systems, and can be built in without any problems security systems of office sector and an IT network. SCALANCE S modules provide the solution of safety issues and at the same time support implementation of all requirements imposed to the automated system such, for example, as simplicity of modernization of installation, simplicity of installation and the minimum losses of time for system recovery in case of its refusal. Practice of a course is based creation of a safe network with use of a combination of various security measures, such as function of a firewall, VPN (VPN - Virtual Private Network - a virtual private network) by means of the IPsec-tunnel, protection of separate devices and the whole automated sites against:
    • data leakage (espionage)
    • unauthorized manipulation with data from outside
    • unauthorized access to system
    • attempts of automatic penetration into system
Тип Очный тренинг
Продолжительность 3 Дн.
Язык ru

Целевая группа

  • Programmers
  • Network administrators
  • Service personnel of Ethernet of networks


  • - Review of industrial networks
  • - Industrial Ethernet bases
  • - Introduction to safety of ACS systems
  • - Firewalling with SCALANCE S
  • - IP Safety with SCALANCE S
  • - Routing with SCALANCE S
  • - Client of safety of Softnet security client
  • - SCALANCE S functions

Требования к участнику

  • Knowledge of SIMATIC NET systems according to the courses ST-IESYS or ST-PNSYS


  • Practical exercises are carried out with use of educational PROFINET stands (with CPU 315-2PN, SCALANCE X switchboards, routers/modules of safety of SCALANCE S 612/613