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Курс IK-IESYS - Industrial Communication ETHERNET System Course / IK-IESYS - Industrial Ethernet System Course (IK-IESYS)

Краткое описание

  • The course teaches the essential fundamental knowledge of Industrial Ethernet protocols and services. You will learn how to handle the currently available tools for startup, service, testing, and diagnostics. Learn about the different ways of setting up Industrial Ethernet networks from Siemens, the market leader for automation systems! You will consolidate your theoretical knowledge with numerous practical exercises on the equipment. On completion of this practice-oriented course, you will be able to install and optimize an Industrial Ethernet network, and you will learn step-by-step how you can limit and correct faults quickly. This blended-learning course combines Web-based training on the Internet with a 3-day attendance course. For an optimized postprocessing of the attendance course you get the WBT "Industrial Ethernt". By using these learning media, you increase your personal learning success in the attendance course.
Тип Индивидуальный курс
Длительность 4 дни
Язык ru

Целевая группа

  • Programmers
  • Commissioning engineers
  • Engineering personnel
  • Maintenance personnel
  • Service personnel
  • Operators


  • - Functional principle, properties and components of SIMATIC NET 10/100/1000Mbit/s Industrial Ethernet
  • - Basic installation guidelines
  • - Connections
  • - TCP/IP transport protocols
  • - Elementary TCP/IP diagnostics
  • - Configuring of ISO and TCP connections
  • - S7 connections via Industrial Ethernet
  • - Programming of the SEND/RECEIVE interface
  • - SIMATIC S7 diagnostics tools (NCM diagnostics tool)
  • - Introduction to OPC
  • Overview of PROFINET IO

Требования к участнику

  • SIMATIC S7 knowledge according to ST-7PRG1 or ST-7SERV1


  • In these course you will work with the SIMATIC STEP 7 V5.x software.