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Курс NC-84Di-SIP / NC-84Di-SIP (NC-84DISIP)

  • This course is developed for service experts, the personnel of commissioning and developers of projects of electroautomatic equipment. The course provides the main knowledge for successful start and service of SINUMRIK 840Di system.

    Для бронирования данного курса просим перейти по ссылке и заполнить анкету: https://di-events.siemens.ru/courses/


  • Receiving the main knowledge necessary for successful start of SINUMERIK 840Di system, and also carrying out the qualified service.
Тип Очный тренинг
Продолжительность 10 Дн.
Язык ru

Целевая группа

  • персонал ввода в эксплуатацию, сервисные инженеры


  • - Review of the main components of SINUMERIK 840Di system
  • - Management and areas of data
  • - Full saving of data and overload of data sets
  • - Machine data (MD) for a configuration of CNC and drives
  • - The explanation of the SChPU functions and its adaptation to the machine by means of MD and signals of interfaces
  • - Management of licenses
  • - Simodrive 611U and SimoComU program
  • - Optimization of drives
  • - ADI4 configuration
  • - Structure of the NC-/PLC-interface and signals of interfaces
  • - Basic program for PLC, PLC function
  • - Structure of the user PLC programs
  • - A practical training on commissioning and detection of mistakes at educational stands.

Требования к участнику

  • Experience in Windows
  • Initial knowledge of drawing up PLC programs for the SIMATIC S7-300 controler (within the courses ST-7SERV1, ST-7SERV2).