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  1. Курсы
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  3. ST-WINCCF2 - Описание

Курс ST-WINCCFSYS2 / ST-WINCCFSYS2 - Profound consideration of design of operator panels with SIMATIC WinCC Flexible. Optional packages (ST-WINCCF2)

Краткое описание

  • The course is intended for the experts who are engaged in development and deployment of difficult projects in which as visualization the operator panels or PC projected with ispolzovnaiy SIMATIC WinCC Flexible are used. The course profoundly considers some subjects of the course ST-WINCCFSYS1 and optional packages


  • Acquaintance to development of difficult projects in WinCC Flexible, including with interaction of panels on a network, use of the web interface for control of the panel and technical process, development of multilingual projects and language adaptation, control of the panel from the controler.
Тип Индивидуальный курс
Длительность 4 дни
Язык ru


  • - Multilanguage projects. The translation of the project on other languages
  • - Multiplexing of variables, indirect addressing
  • - Difficult cases of design of screens, creation of moving images
  • - Control of the panel from the controler
  • - Options of the organization of a kvitirovaniye of messages
  • - Management of archiving of data of process
  • - Creation of scripts
  • - Sm@rtAccess. Use of several panels as remote terminals, an exchange of variables between panels, access from office programs to data of the panel * St@rtService. Sending by the e-mail panel, an obsluzhzhivaniye and management via the web server on the panel
  • - Audit - creation of projects with increased requirements to recording of actions of operators

Требования к участнику

  • Ability to develop simple projects with ispolzovnaiy SIMATIC WinCC Flexible.


  • Practical exercises are carried out on PC c by use of educational S7-300/400 stands with use of operator panels and a local network.