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Курс ST-7PRSERV - Программирование и обслуживание / ST-7PRSERV - Programming and maintenance (Simatic Step 7 Classic) (ST-7PRSERV)

Краткое описание

  • The course is intended for the experts who are engaged in programming, design and service of control systems on the basis of SIMATIC S7300/400 controlers. The course provides with additional knowledge of development of programs and design of systems of automation with use of STEP7, the instrument of visualization of ProTool/Pro and the Profibus networks, and also on service of SIMATIC S7 systems


  • Acquisition of expanded knowledge of development of programs and to service of SIMATIC S7 systems and the decentralized periphery, search and elimination of malfunctions
Тип Индивидуальный курс
Длительность 5 дни
Язык ru


  • - Creation of the program of management of the assembly line
  • - Programming of functions and functional blocks
  • - Work with organizational blocks of processing of mistakes
  • - Receiving and the analysis of diagnostic data on a condition of system by means of SFC
  • Localization and elimination of mistakes in the program, its debugging
  • - The distributed periphery
  • - Diagnostics of the conducted devices during the work in the Profibus network
  • - Use of ProTool/Pro for test functions in systems of automation

Требования к участнику

  • Initial knowledge of SIMATIC S7 within courses ST-7SYH and ST-7STOE


  • Practical exercises are carried out with use of educational SIMATIC S7-300 stands (CPU 315-2DP), SIMATIC S7-400 (CPU 414-2DP), FieldPG programmator, and also conveyor models. The course provides a large number of tasks on creation and testing of programs and elimination of mistakes.